Connor Dean

Our featured actor this month is Connor Dean. The interview's source is Teen's Weekly Insider. 

1. What are the projects that you are currently working on? Please tell us a little about it.
I just finished a short film called “Paper Tiger” and I have a couple of projects in the works that I can’t talk about at this time. I am also working on building relationships with my fans through social media. I love interacting with them!

2. Please tell us what do you feel is your biggest achievement?
Right now, my biggest achievement is when I played the character of Butch the Bully in the Cool Cat movies. Butch the Bully has become a fan favorite sparking fandom pages and Memes. There are also fan pages on Instagram and Twitter. It is crazy how popular Butch the Bully has become!

3. Besides acting, what are you passionate about?
I am extremely passionate about my tennis. I practice several days a week when I am not auditioning and working. I play in individual USTA Open tournaments at least 2 weekends at month and I play Junior Team Tennis in the fall and spring. My tennis team has qualified for the Southern California Sectionals several times and have won it one time.

4. How do you prepare for a role?
When I prepare for a role I read through the script a few times so I can understand the back story of the character. I really try to get into the mind of the character I am portraying. Once I feel like I have that down, I read through my lines several times so that I can memorize them.

5. Why and when did you decide to start you acting career?
I started acting because of my older brother Alex. I had to ride around with him when he went to his auditions. I figured if I was going to the auditions I might as well try it too. Then I got hooked!

6. If you could travel the world with anyone whom would you take?
I would travel the world with my mom. She spends so much time driving me to acting auditions and tennis she deserves to take some time to travel the world with me. Plus, she makes me laugh!

7. Please tell us what do you feel is the biggest challenge in your acting career?
My biggest challenge as an actor is being able to cry on cue. It is difficult for me to do that and takes me a little bit of time to work up to the tears.

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8. So many young actors are committed to public service, setting a great example for their peers in terms of being involved with charities and the community. What causes are important to you, and what do you do to support them?
I believe giving back is very important. I am an ambassador for the 501c organization called A Magic Penny. They work with many different organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Bureau, and Heal the Bay. They believe that one act of kindness can result in many acts of kindness. It is important to spread love through giving back to your community. As the ambassador I talk about A Magic Penny whenever I can and I volunteer with them at least once a month.

9. As a teen actor, how do you strike the balance between schoolwork and your career? It is hard to find a balance between schoolwork and my career. I am homeschooled so I am lucky that I have some flexibility in my school schedule. I spend a lot of time in my car going to auditions or tennis practice so I have learned to do school in the car whenever I can.

10. If you were not a teen actor, what would you be up to now?
If I was not a teen actor I would probably be going to a tennis training academy either in Florida or Ojai, California.

11. If you have the chance to choose any other stars at your age to be your classmate, whom would you like to?
It would be great fun to get to go to school with my best bud Jax Malcolm. We would probably drive the teachers crazy because we always have so much fun when we are together!

12. Have you ever taken acting classes before? And do you think acting classes are necessary for aspiring teen actors or actresses?
I take acting classes every week. I think classes are important for aspiring teen actors or actresses because it is important to keep practicing and learning your craft. It is also important to see what other young actors are doing.

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13. How can your fans interact with you online? And what’s your fan mail address?
The best way for fans to interact with me online is through social media. I have a few accounts. My Instagram accounts are Butchthebullyofficialpage and Connordeanoffical. My Twitter account is @TheConnorDean. My Facebook account is @ConnorDean. I love to answer comments from my fans!

Favorite Sport: Tennis
Favorite Music: 80’s music especially Billy Joel & Bon Jovi, but I also love Imagine Dragons. They are my new favorite right now.
Travel Destination: London, England or anywhere in Italy
Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Dream College: Stanford or UCLA