Bradford James Jackson

Our featured actor this month is Bradford James Jackson.


Bradford James Jackson is an Alaskan Actor & Filmmaker. Originally born in Tacoma, Washington, he grew up in a military family where moving was something he quickly became accustomed to. After over 25 years of military service, his father retired and moved their entire family to Anchorage, Alaska. It was here that Bradford got his first taste of acting when he starred in the University of Alaska Anchorage's stage production of She Stoops to Conquer. Having a deep passion for Shakespeare, Bradford would go on to star as Orlando de Boys in As You Like It  and George Page in The Merry Wives of Windsor

While growing up in Alaska, Bradford's love of the Medieval-Ages grew as he studied western martial arts combat, specifically German Longsword,1:33 Sword and Buckler, and Jousting. He participated in fight performances in the local renaissance fairs and lead educational performances for local Alaskan high-schools. 

He soon entered the cinema scene, snagging a supporting role along side Ted McGinley and Daniel Baldwin in Christmas with a Capitol C. He also landed a supporting role alongside Nicolas Cage, Vanessa Hudgens, and John Cusack in The Frozen Ground. He was nominated for Best Actor in Levi A. Taylor's Father of Lies Which premiered at the 2016 Beverly Hills Film Festival. 

Bradford would go on to produce and star in the film Proper Binge, the true story of an Alaskan man coping with alcoholism. Bradford was so dedicated to the role he dropped 30 pounds. The shooting schedule was so vigorous that he lost five different jobs and slept in the back of a car throughout production. The film will premier at the Anchorage International Film Festival in December 2017. 

His first directorial debut came with the short film Max & Olivia, which won the Alaskan Quick Freeze Film Competition in 2012. 

Later, Bradford would combine his love of historical reenactment and film to write, produce and direct the Scottish short film Come Back Home. The film was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner in 2014 and was highly acclaimed by Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor's Weta Workshop. Shortly after, he and Composer Nik Sharshak started their own production company Bradford Jackson Films LLC. They are currently filming a post-apocalyptic feature film and are in development on a fantasy series.

Bradford is honored to be a part of the FCTA family. Along with studying filmmaking he has continued to expand his weapons training with world renowned fight choreographer, stuntman, and actor Anthony DeLongis.

He is also currently training with Celebrity vocal coach Dave Stroud. 

Bradford and his wife were married on September 30th 2017. They currently reside in Los Angeles where he continues to work as an actor and filmmaker.

Instagram: @BradfordJamesJackson



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