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Tom Lind

Tom Lind entered the world of modeling and acting after a friend told him he would never make it. Never bet against Tom Lind.

Tom began modeling in his hometown of Chicago, appearing in ads for Kohl’s and Lands’ End. He went on to walk the runways of Milan before being shot by Bruce Weber for an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign. His success in modeling quickly led to a thirst for something more dramatic, so he signed up for an acting class and never looked back.

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Bradford James Jackson

Bradford James Jackson is an Alaskan Actor & Filmmaker. Originally born in Tacoma, Washington, he grew up in a military family where moving was something he quickly became accustomed to. After over 25 years of military service, his father retired and moved their entire family to Anchorage, Alaska.

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Sarah McCreanor

Sarah McCreanor, affectionately known as “Smac” is an Australian actress, dancer and photographer based in Los Angeles. She claimed her first international role in the touring production of Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon as the lead role “Astrid”, featuring acrobatic stunts and dance.

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